Freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator
  1. Shade the Shadowling Cover
    Shade the Shadowling Cover
    Cover illustration for a short children's story I wrote and illustrated.
  2. Waste
    Illustration for The Journal, the campus newspaper of the University of Illinois at Springfield. It received first place for editorial cartoon in the 2013 Award for Excellence in Illinois College Newspapers.
  3. Nostalgia Critic 2015 DVD Cover Design
    Nostalgia Critic 2015 DVD Cover Design
    Design for the Nostalgia Critic's 2015 DVD cover contest, which received an honorable mention.
My name is Alex Johnson
As an artist, I like to create comics, greeting cards, cartoons, anything with a story or message. I also often like designing characters and creatures primarily, developing them conceptually. I enjoy giving vision to my ideas and thoughts, as well as to any stories that hold my interest. Illustrations on book covers and within their pages have served as an inspiration for my own work. The works of Christopher Denise, David Petersen, Sean Rubin, and Jan Brett have long been a source of inspiration for me as both a reader and an artist. What these artists have done is what I aspire to do myself: give life to events and characters that otherwise would exist only in the printed word or merely as ideas within one’s mind. I strive to develop these ideas into actual, physical works of art, works which other people can appreciate, and to be able to participate in something bigger than oneself.
Including numerous personal projects, I have written and illustrated a number of short children’s books as academic assignments and for private publishers over the years including the animated storybook Shade the Shadowling, my senior art project at the University of Illinois at Springfield and Coby and Miss Strong Play Tall by Nichole Tremblay. I have also designed and fully animated several characters for a course in Adobe Flash. I aim to inform and entertain with my artwork and I have enjoyed projects such as these very much.

If you would like to support my work, feel free to make an art request.